Chevron Longstitch Book (Front)

I (Dennis) made this book awhile back. It was one of my early books and I decided to be a bit more deliberate with this book instead of winging it like I normally would. I knew I wanted to do a chevron pattern. Krissy loves them and they’re so trendy I figured, hey, why not? I like them too, even though they’re trendy; I’ll like them afterwards too.

I used a brown cardstock for the cover to give it a Kraft paper look. I then sketched up a chevron pattern with one of the sections being thin and the other a bit thicker. I filled the pattern in with some black colored pencil. It’s got that special little gloss that colored pencil gets when you use too much. It doesn’t bleed off to my knowledge, since I’ve rubbed the excess pencil off already, but it’s pencil, so I wouldn’t set it on anything too important and rub vigorously or anything.

Chevron Longstitch Book (Spine)

Here’s the spine. I don’t know how I’d describe this pattern. It’s…angled. I thought it complemented the chevron pattern well.

It makes a nice little “V” in the negative space though. I like the loose, rough look to it. The whole book has a very rough, imperfect look to it.

Chevron Longstitch Book (Tail)

And here is the tail, or as most people call it: the bottom. The pages are hand torn and thus quite uneven. I’d considered trimming it afterwards, but I reconsidered, because I quite liked the look of the book as a whole— very imprecise. 

It’s a nice juxtaposition to the clean pattern on the cover.

Until next time.

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